To be a part of our family, we ask you to send your portfolio and motivation to

Note: when your interested please send us an e-mail including your portfolio / cases and motivation letter :) Applications without motivation and portofolio are not taken in to consideration.

*Currently not looking for interns*

Creative Duo

We are looking for a creative duo (art / copy) who eat deadlines for breakfast and can whip out mind blowing slide decks in a flash. You are perfectly attuned to each other and have already gained 5+ years of experience at a creative agency.

Junior Creative

We are looking for a junior creative to join our team! We need you to come up with creative concepts for video: to recruit, sell, explain & entertain for socials and TV. You are eager to know all the ins and outs of film production and to amaze our clients with your creative ideas.

Junior Copywriter

We are looking for a junior copywriter to join our team! You have a love for storytelling and you know how to put compelling voice overs and striking scripts on paper without breaking a sweat!

VFX / Compositor

A freelance VFX Compositor who masters the art of digital worlds, compositing and 3D.

Sound Engineer

We are looking for a freelance sound engineer who can whip up a catchy jingle, create a compelling soundtrack and masters the art of sound design. We have a fully equipped studio for you to work in…..whenever you want!

Web Developer

We are looking for someone who can transform Beng Beng designs into a super smooth web experience. You don't just blindly do what you’re being told: You’re always looking for ways to take things to the next level.

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We are a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Rotterdam. Our services range from concepting and high-end video productions to design, photography and audio. We produce everything in-house with our creative team and facilitate their specialties in our underground built studios. We are a one-stop-shop for clients and agencies with one single point of contact who will manage your project from start to finish. Let’s shoot together!

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