Feyenoord 2021-2022

Online Campaign for Feyenoord by Studio Beng Beng

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Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, and so does the soccer club Feyenoord. The corona virus has hit them hard. With an empty stadium for months and not being able to get the results they so desperately want, the soccer club is being faced with dark red digits. But a new season will start soon, and things are looking up. Hope is on the horizon!

We Overwinnen Samen

They just needed their supporters to keep on supporting their club, and not ask for a refund of their season tickets. With five different portraits of real supporters who tell their story of the difficult corona year, the club is showing that they understand their situation and that they're all in it together. Hoping for the sympathy of their supporters, but also fully aware of the big ask. A difficult task, but it seems that the campaign has helped. Hopefully we will be able to root for the team in a full stadium soon!

Feyenoord Special
Kit Reveal

For the supoorters who kept their season tickets, Feyenoord introduced a special edition shirt.

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