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H&M Membership is a free digital loyalty programme accessible via the H&M app or at where members collect points on every purchase and enjoy exclusive benefits like discounts, bonus vouchers, digital receipts and the option to shop now and pay later. While many people already use the membership, they don't seem to know how to actually reap the benefits of it. Collected points are piling up without getting redeemed and bonus vouchers are collecting digital dust….

In the Netherlands we simply can't handle people missing a discount, so the Dutch division of H&M decided to help members get the most out of their membership. We created three mini tutorials on how to become a member (and why it’s a good idea), how to collect points and most importantly; how to redeem points and get yourself new H&M goodies with a big discount.

After we made the videos for the Dutch market, other countries got jealous. So we ended up creating tutorials for Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria…. Which was a big honour for us, because this was the first time EVER that a piece of H&M content originated outside the head office in Sweden.

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