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Are you ready for the “Gouden Wissel”? We are proud to announce our latest work for Warsteiner. They're celebrating their new 24-carat golden crate in collaboration with the etiquette-know-it-all Jort Kelder. In three different videos Jort explains the right beer-etiquette. But Jort wouldn't be Jort if he didn't give us some perky poshy crate quotes and advice as well. So take a look and learn ;-).

Jort Kelder is a famous journalist from The Netherlands who feels quite comfortable among the rich and famous. For these videos Jort puts away his glass of champagne and chooses for a high-end glass of Warsteiner.

Beer Etiquette 01. How cool should your Warsteiner be? To be exact; 4 degrees celsius.

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For the social campaign we used different assets to attract the viewers attention in a humorous way. Jort jokes about investing in gold, just like the new color of the crate. And isn't afraid of self-mockery when he says to the lady's that there's nothing more to get from him. In the shorts Jort shares the right Warsteiner beer etiquettes which has a connection with one of his shows with the title: “Hoe heurt het eigenlijk - how should it be done”. Warsteiner is very #SeriousAboutBeer, but with this campaign we didn't shy away from a witty tone of voice,  which makes the campaign, in our opinion, one of the strongest campaigns Warsteiner made. Warsteiner and Studio Beng Beng worked one-on-one for this campaign and together we created the content strategy, concept, production and post-production.

The full deliverable list consists out of: 3 etiquette videos, all social media sizes 3 crate quotes videos, all social media sizes OOH photography.

Beer Etiquette 02. What's the right size for the foam head? It should be full and delicious and a minimum of three fingers high.

Beer Etiquette 03. How should we catch drops? Well, the Germans have this incredible invention called the "Tropfenfänger".

24-Karaats Goud. Take notes and invest like Jort did in the 24-carat golden crate. In this short Jort focuses on the new crate. The key to success is to invest ;-)

Golddiggers. These are hard times, even for Jort. So be warned to all the Golddiggers, there isn't much to get from Jort anymore.

Gouden Wissel. Those Germans, they pull it off every time. Again another golden substitute. This time not on the soccer field, but with their crate; from yellow to gold.

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