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Sint Lucas

Sint Lucas

Social & Recruitment Campaign

St Lucas is a vocational school for creative talent with a lot of creative programmes. Really A LOT: from craft courses such as making stained glass to video producer or lighting technician and everything in between.

It was our job to cram all that creativity into one epic hero video and inspire future students to come take a closer look at the school. 

We built a set with a cross wall in the studio, resulting in four sets. In these corners we created eight different backdrops for the main programmes (four sets times two). We drove around the cross-wall set with a camera dolly to take the audience on a creative journey into the world of St. Lucas.

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Sint Lucas

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Art Direction
Post Production
Color Grading

Fun Fact

All the creative hero’s you see in the video are actually students at St Lucas and even the props were provided by the school.

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