Commercial for Zalmhuis by Offff Studio & Studio Beng Beng

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For this project, we created an Asiatic treatment for Zalmhuis. We were inspired by a tale of Japanese salmon who swam upstream to lay their eggs throughout the mountainous nation of Japan for thousands of years. An epic journey about the cycle of life and death inspired us to create this wavy Japanese look and feel. Just like a salmon that swims from the river to the sea, we used ecoline liquid to create a flowing, streaming and mysterious effect to lift a corner of the veil. This video show's a different story, a director’s cut because just like the salmon, we dare to do things differently and go against the stream.


The Story

The history of the Zalmhuis starts as early as 1863 when Adriaan Dekkers buys a guest house on the Hooge Zeedijk. Opposite to the guest house, outside the dike, a dome and compound are situated. In 1875, Dekkers starts building a covered market on the compound for the sale of fresh salmon, shad, houting, fint and sturgeon. Dekker never could have guessed that the covered market he started, would transform into the largest salmon auction in the Netherlands.


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“Salmon and other fish swim upstream because they must make the journey for reproductive purposes.”



We were inspired by this Japanese kimono and colour palette which corresponded with the colour of the Salmon flesh. We like it a lot. Are you feeling it too?


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