Asahi x Manchester City

Social Campaign

It doesn't matter where your football team is about to play; any fan requires a solid team at home. Whether it's picking up a fresh pack of Asahi together before the game, yelling at the people fetching beer from the fridge. We've all had moments when our team came through for us with an icy cold Asahi beer. Winning and watching are both team efforts.

For Asahi and Manchester City we aimed to emphasize the 'team effort' in watching football, creating a bond between the brand, fans, and the game. This approach not only showcases moments every Man City fan relates to, but also delves into the unique stories and interactions among the diverse fan base.


180 Amsterdam

Evergreen Content

In our creative approach, Asahi products are central in each narrative. We use diverse camera techniques, animation, and VFX to enhance storytelling, capturing fans' distinctive traits and emotional reactions during the game, and highlight Asahi's role in their experience. These techniques focused on capturing vivid reactions of fans from thumb stopping camera angles, dynamic product shots, and creative transitions. 

Get ready for the cheers

Working and mixing together, they created the foundation for their evergreen content library consisting of TikTok videos, GIFs, stickers and stills. 

Crafting content of the caliber we envision only works when you’re aligned and working as a team. Fortunately, we had some MVPs ready to jump in, like Asahi and 180 Amsterdam, delivering game-changing assists throughout the entire play!