Fleurop - A Touch of Brightness

TVC & Social

A fresh new look for florists wanting to connect with younger audiences. We unleashed a bright bouquet of color, invigorating Fleurop's branding with the impactful power of the flowers they arrange. A vibrant new direction for a brand defined by joy. At the core of Fleurop's values is a simple goal: to make people feel good. The care and attention they put into their craft is a joy for those who enjoy their arrangements. 

But how do we connect them to young new audiences? We created four new ads and tag-ons for Birthdays, Gifts for Lovers, Mothers Day, and Christmas Day. We introduced a lighter look and feel, dynamic digital VFX and exciting camera movements to engage with younger audiences, all coming together in a fresh campaign for the coming year. Additionally, we composed the campaign soundtrack, creating cohesion with all the colorful new branding. 

A partnership between two teams that know the subtle and joyful power of color, resulting in a bright new brand world for Fleurop to wow audiences with their beautiful bouquets.