Gillette x Femke Bol - Everyday Champions

Social Campaign

Being fast never beats being smooth. Luckily, Femke Bol is both.

Together with Gillette we dove into a blue Venus world to capture the essence of what it means to be an athlete and the toll it takes on your skin. From track days to muscle aches and massage guns, your skin gets tested and every bump can hold you back. Luckily we know a power duo that runs through boundaries like a breeze.

It is always a joy to work with such a talented and kind athlete like Femke Bol. We did our best to keep up with this super-fast power woman and focused all of our energy on getting those energetic shots. From a track day full of running to a more relaxed day in the bathroom. We turned an existing location into a blue Venus world and let the sun embrace that beautiful smooth skin.