KFC - Silent Night

TVC & Social

As the year wraps up, each major brand launches a Christmas commercial, but what sets one apart from the rest? This year, KFC decided to go against the grain by showing something different than a silent night.

KFC is one of the largest fast-food chains on the planet, but that does not stop them from defying the mainstream. To get noticed during commercial breaks, we collaborated to create a Christmas commercial that's full of surprises. A slow and tranquil bite into fried chicken unfolds into havoc at the family Christmas dinner. Using a high speed motion control system, we managed to perfectly time every element of this chaotic puzzle into a single shot, using VFX to composite various takes and layers into a convincing final shot—all the while maintaining a cozy and warm Christmas aesthetic in super slow motion! As the cherry on top, we collaborated with the legendary Lee Towers to deliver an a cappella rendition of "Silent Night" to make a beautiful contrast with all of the Christmas chaos we see unfolding.

Much like our protagonist blissfully enjoying her chicken, we can look back with pride, knowing this collaboration resulted in a Christmas commercial that truly stands out for its unexpected approach and execution.