KPN - Supporter Of Empowering People

Recruitment Animation

Step into the dynamic world of KPN, where the color green isn't just a shade; it's a symbol of growth, innovation, and the magic of teamwork. KPN embarked on an innovative journey. In collaboration with Clubgeist, we transformed their bold new identity and core values into a custom animation style that radiates playfulness with a human touch.

The outcome is a spirited animated video that encapsulates the essence of teamwork in a touch of green. As a leading telecom provider in the Netherlands, they attribute their success to their devoted team and human-centered approach. They understand that their accomplishments are a result of their employees' dedication and are committed to nurturing their growth and development.

From Clubgeist's manifesto, we crafted playful animation and photography concepts. Segregating scenes for each medium, we then merged them into a unified typography-based animation style to match their bold new identity, complemented by a custom track and sonic branding that echoes their visionary, human-centered future for employees. A company is defined by its people. Much like a color can transcend its hue, a company can be more than just a business entity. It can embody a mindset and a way of life—accessible, supportive, and nurturing to everyone involved.