Lucardi - Sparkling up the holiday season

TVC & Social

Lucardi is the Netherlands' biggest jewelry chain and for good reason: they combine affordability with quality and class. We were thrilled to partner with them and work with a brand cherished by all ages.

Together we defined their new visual aesthetics and rolled out their fresh identity and brand communications to a large audience online, offline and on TV. Our collaboration spanned over two campaigns in the holiday season —  starting with some glammed-up Black Friday content and finishing with a chic and cozy Lucardi Christmas story. Our team used their full spectrum of skills: from finding the right look and narrative in pre-production all the way to adding the final sparkles in post.

Working side by side with Lucardi, we translated elegance and affordability into a solid brand story, crafting content that hit the mark and truly engaged their audience.


Studio Beng Beng


We crafted chic campaigns, blending elegance, affordability, compelling content across platforms.