MSC - The Future of Cruising

Brand Social Campaign

The MSC luxury cruise ship campaign was an epic journey that took us on a four-day adventure through the high seas, capturing the essence of the MSC experience through TikTok-based content. We filmed and photographed an insane amount of content that showcased the opulent amenities and breathtaking views on board. We worked closely with the MSC team to create a campaign that resonated with their target audience on TikTok, and the results were mind-blowing. 

The highlight of the campaign was the TikTok content, which was designed to capture the essence of the MSC experience in short, engaging videos. We created a series of TikTok challenges that encouraged users to show off their best dance moves, highlight the ship's amenities, and share their favorite moments on board. The response was overwhelming, with thousands of users engaging with the content and sharing it with their followers. Alongside the TikTok content, we also created a range of high-quality photography and user-generated videos that showcased the beauty and luxury of the MSC ship, including many stunning drone shots that captured the MSC ship from above. These assets were used across various social media platforms and marketing channels, helping to raise awareness of the MSC brand and attract new customers.