Odido - Een berichtje van Odido

Launch Campaign

When two foremost telecom giants recognized that technology should be more human-centric, simpler, and available for everyone, it was time for a fresh start. T-Mobile and Tele2 united to form a distinguished brand for universal connection. With our colleagues at TBWAX, we toiled behind the scenes on the most significant overnight transformation our country has ever witnessed.

We were trusted to explain this exciting new vision for business and consumer telecom in two films, explaining their new bold move to their unassuming customers. Two telecom giants dreamed of making technology accessible and easy for all, and discovered a shared purpose for change.




Champion a vision for a better brand.

Working on a "need-to-know" basis until the day of the shoot, we collaborated in bringing this project to life, from scripts to innovative camera transitions and animations. Communicating a new vision and company rebrand to loyal yet "unaware" customers is nuanced. We aimed to share these stories from a positive viewpoint, celebrating the newfound energy driving the future of telecom, ensuring everyone can join a globally connected society.

It's a challenging task to effect change and steadfastly champion a vision for a better brand. As a partner to leading brands and agencies, we applaud this courageous step forward and are passionate about supporting these messages for a better collective future.