Samsung - Samsung Galaxy S21

Launch Campaign

Unveiling a pixel-perfect future. Joined by the ingenious minds of Blauw Gras, we embarked on a mission to launch the Samsung Galaxy S21 in style. We present new tools to discover unexplored angles and unleash a world where creativity knows no bounds.

At the forefront of innovation, Samsung transforms daily life with its trailblazing products and services. We want to communicate the possibilities unlocked by their Galaxy S21 smartphone. 

We produced a commercial that blends fun and ingenuity, and invites us to embrace the art of crafting new perspectives.

Skillfully maneuvering through direction, soundtrack production, and voice-over casting, our multitasking prowess is only rivaled by the Galaxy S21. Our partnership with Samsung epitomizes the fusion of vision and innovation, reminding us of the joy in new perspectives.