TOTO - Hart & Hoofd

Social Campaign

This King TOTO campaign isn't about being a football authority, but about a familiar feeling for every player. The dual play—or conflict—of knowledge and intuition. Of hard data and that little voice in your (supporter's) heart. About logical reasoning or sensing that it's really going to end in that outcome. But no matter how you play, always keep your head or heart in the game.

 Creative Approach

For our creative approach, we designed a rotating throne with two sides: head and heart. Every time the throne spins, a new player takes his place, choosing whether to play with his intellect or his heart. Of course, each side holds a strong opinion about the subject. Illuminated by the glow of stadium lighting, the sports set takes on a vibrant atmosphere, while the casino set is enhanced with a sophisticated, casino-inspired lightwall.

 Dynamic social-first

All this resulted in a dynamic social-first video and photography campaign, drawing inspiration from the lively lyrics and rhythms of TBWA's TOTO raps. This creative fusion brought the essence of the music to life, translating the energy and flow of the lyrics.

Winning often means finding that perfect harmony between intellect and emotion. Fortunately, with such wonderful partners as TBWA and TOTO, striking that balance feels less like a challenge and more like a winning streak!